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Rwanda Cyarumbo is a very special fruity and delicate coffee that we only roast light for FILTER, AEROPRESS, COLD DRIPS, COLD BREWS AND PLUNGER.


What to expect:

Delicate notes of tangerine, cola and black tea.
Super sweet, light texture, fruity acidity and sweet lingering finish.


Processing Method:

Fully washed then dry fermentade for 24 to 48 hours.


Drying Method: Dried on raised beds for around a week


Harvest: Between March and June


Altitude: 1,500 - 2,000 masl

Rwanda, Cyarumbo - 1Kg (FILTER ROAST)

  • Cyarumbo

    Cyarumbo is one of Abahuzamugambi Ba Kawa (Maraba) Cooperative’s washing stations which begun operating in 2005. It is currently Fairtrade certified and working towards both CAFE PRACTICE  and UTZ certifications and collects coffee from 420 smallholder-members. The producers have formed a union in order to have access to fund for saving and provide credit amongst themselves.


    Maraba Cooperative

    In its native Kinyarwanda language, Maraba is called ‘Abahuzamugambi Ba Kawa’ which translates into ‘Together we work the coffee’. It was established in 2001 in the wake of the civil war and terrible genocide that took place in 1994. 

    A prime example of the benefits from relentless work and long-lasting relationships with roasters and importers, Maraba’s success has enabled the cooperative to support its members with financial management workshops, agronomy training and access to affordable farming tools, organic pesticides and fertilizers. Members are also given access to a number of services, including financial support for school fees and health services and loan facilities for home loans and farming equipment.

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