Notes of Berries, Vanilla, Chocolate and Coconut. 

Med/Light body, fruity acidity and sweet lingering finish.


Los Chelazos is a blend of coffees from two main cantons: Citalá and La Palma, both of

these are part of the Montecristo Trifinio, a tri-border national park shared between El

Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Designated as a biosphere reserve in 2011, this is a

protected area of incredibly rich bio-diversity.


- This coffee is roasted lighter for FILTER, AEROPRESS, COLD DRIPS, COLD BREWS AND PLUNGER.

El Salvador, Los Chelazos - 1Kg (FILTER ROAST)

  • Chelazos refers to the people who live in Chalatenango, a northern district of El Salvador bordering with Honduras. The people in this part of the country have a lighter coloured skin and green or blue eyes. This is a bit of a rarity when compared to the rest of the population and because of these characteristics they are referred to as ‘Chelitos’, which is where the name Los Chelazos comes from.