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The Colombian San Vicente is designed mostly for black (espresso & long black) and delicate milk based coffees. When ground a bit courser, can also be used to produce full body filtered coffees including Pour Overs, Batch brews, Aeropress, Plunger and Cold Brews.


Expect amazing delicate sweet fruity  flavours blended with caramel notes in an easy to drink coffee (medium strengh).   


Notes: Walnut, molasses and red fruits.

Colombian, San Vicente - 1Kg

  • This coffee is produced by smallholder members of OCCICAFE Cooperative from San Vicente, 10 km away from La Plata, Huila. OCCICAFE is coop that has been focused on improving their coffee quality for over 5 years. Smallholders from La Plata deliver their coffee to OCCICAFE Lab were each lot is classified as commercial, regional, regional plus or microlot.

    Coffees that meet the regional plus standard need to cup above 85pts and moisture content must be between 10-11%. Cofinet has been working since 2018 years with Occicafe, and with the guidance of Cofinet, 5-star producers from OCCICAFE will process their first honeys.

     "Caramel flavours with notes of walnut, molasses and red fruits. Floral aroma, medium body and mild acidity."

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