We roast a variety of Single Origin coffees roasted to medium profile.

Our Colombian choices are designed mostly for black (espresso & long black) and delicate milk based coffees. When ground a bit courser, can also be used to produce full body filtered coffees including Pour Overs, Batch brews, Aeropress, Plunger and Cold Brews. Expect great strenth, thick texture and amazing delicate sweet flavours.   


Our Colombian selection delivers an intense Nutty and Caramelly notes, medium acidity (juicy mothfeel) and sweet lingering finish. 


Notes: Nutts, Caramel and Vanilla

Colombian, Medium Roast - 250g

Grind Option
  • A superb cup of coffee with medium to bright acidity, a fruity fragrance with a hint of spice and juicy mouthfeel. The intense Nutty and Sweet notes and full body give way to a fading Vanilla aftertaste.

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