The Colombian Andino is designed mostly for black (espresso & long black) and delicate milk based coffees. When ground a bit courser, can also be used to produce full body filtered coffees including Pour Overs, Batch brews, Aeropress, Plunger and Cold Brews.


Expect amazing delicate sweet fruity  flavours blended with caramel notes in an easy to drink coffee (medium strengh).   


Notes: Caramel, Cherry, Red Apple and Tropical fruits, with Pear-like acidity.

Colombian, Andino - 1Kg

  • The Macizo Colombiano is the area where the three ranges of the Colombian Andes come together to form one massive range. This convergence and the influence of rivers, the Amazon and the Pacific creates a unique environment creating micro-climates. These micro-climates are essential for creating the many dierent flavour profiles of the coees in this region. Andino del Oriente Coffee comes from producers who farm in this dynamic zone.

    Bruselas is a community in Huila located in this area. The steep ridges of the region produce vibrant and crisp acidity and a subtle complexity. Producers often plant avocados and other tropical fruits amongst their coffee trees. Caravela works closely with the small scale coffee producers in Bruselas, under the name Andino guaranteeing a sustainable farming practices and consistent cup quality.

     "Caramel flavours with notes of cherry, tropical fruits and red apple, floral complexity with pear-like malic acidity."